CB&W Photo Challenge: Rocks, Boulders, Stones

Back in 1450s, Incas used local rocks in Machu Picchu to build the estate.

Today, Peruvians still use rocks to build their houses. Here, you can see that rocks are used to stabilize the house.

When we were walking through the village, I was amazed by these stone buildings and cobblestone alley. At the same time, I was thinking it’d nice to capture a Peruvian woman walking down the alley. A few minutes later, she appeared…

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33 thoughts on “CB&W Photo Challenge: Rocks, Boulders, Stones

  1. Monochrome images are really interesting as there are less distractions…

    It also makes us think, how would it look in color 🙂

    What a difference it makes when a human element is introduced in the last image, right?

    Thank you so much for sharing, Amy 🙂

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  2. Beautiful stone work. Traditionally stone would have been used to build houses in Ireland but these days it is mostly concrete blocks! Not as pretty but much easier to insulate.

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    • Thank you so much, Debra for your comment. In a way, the B&W Drama gives a strong sense (maybe too strong) of the historical background of these rocks and border.


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