Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #23: Celebrations (Enchanting Peru 3)

Peru is home to many colorful festivals. During our traveling there, we hoped to experience some of their cultural celebrations.

The last evening in Cuzco, we decided to take a walk around the downtown area. Minutes later, we saw many young people wearing colorful costumes marching into the city square. It looked very much like they were going to participate in a fun celebration event.

Cuzco City Square

Youngsters were taking selfies:

Fabulous costumes with beautiful colors and textures were everywhere:


along with lots of music and dancing.

In the city square, we learned that this was a regular celebration enabling local people to enjoy music, dancing, and fun gathering during the weekend. We all certainly enjoyed it.

People around the world have different ways of celebrating their cultural festivals, religious holy days, etc. Through the celebrations, we share the joy of cultural traditions and learn about the history and culture of the country or region.

I look forward to seeing your family’s celebrations and/or those you’ve experienced while traveling.

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