Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #18: Blending In – or Standing Out

Blend in means to look or seem the same as surrounding people or things and therefore not be easily noticeable. For photographers, it’s not easy when people or things are easily noticeable. 

There are four elements (rocks, water, plants, and ornament) in Japanese garden. Yet, they are not always noticeable until you get close to it by walking through a winding path.

“Blending in” these elements in Japanese garden is more than colors, lines and forms are also carefully considered.

They don’t try to hide these elements or ornaments, but create a harmony.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover the Dragon Path in the woods.

Ann-Christine hosts this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #18: Blending In – or Standing Out? Please visit her blending in and standing out photos and stories. Join us! 🙂

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