Lens Artists Photo Challenge #15: Changing and/or Changeable

Recently, changing weather has brought fall color to many parts of the world, where we see green fading into gold, orange, and red.  Birds are ready for their migration, and flowers are gone and forming into seeds. Changes in nature are always fascinating.

To see fall colors, many of us have to travel to north. This fall, we went to the eastern part of Canada.

Everyday scenes of sunrise or sunset will never be the same:

In addition to the changing seasons and scenes of sunrise/sunset, thanks to the digital age we are also able to change images by using some of the many available software tools at our fingertips. For example, we can merge a moon image with a landscape photos:

or edit a photo to make it look more like a painting in a digital studio. Photo images have become changeable.

Further, changes in nature go well beyond seasonal changes. There are changes around us every day. I look forward to seeing your interpretation of “Changing and/or Changeable. Please join us.

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