Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10: Fences

This week’s Lens-Artists challenge #10, Ann-Christine is showing us various fences around the world. She asks us to show our favorite fence.

I also have gathered a few photos of different fences from the places I have visited.

One of the hotel in Jerez, Spain built low tile walls in between of the metal fences to give some privacy of the balconies:

Fence in the beautiful Dutch countryside:

The stone wall offers pedestrians the convenience and safety of walking between the train station and downtown of York City, England:

A long stone fence in Scotland. You just don’t see stone fence like this often at all:

A simple, well made fence in Kyoto, Japan; it looks like part of the house:

Fences are almost everywhere in Texas:

Take a moment to visit Ann-Christine’s beautiful Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Fences. Looking forward to seeing your favorite fences. 🙂

Click here for details for participating the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

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53 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10: Fences

  1. Good morning, Amy!
    Great pictures! I’ve tried some pictures of fences, but I’m not happy with the results so far. They never came out the way I wanted them to look. But I will keep trying,
    Have a wonderful day,

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    • I bet you captured beautifully. Sometimes, I only have so little space, like in the narrow street and the winding road… The first one of the Texas fence was taken from the car while hubby was driving. 🙂
      It has been raining for hours here. Are you getting much rain in Frizz town?

      Liked by 3 people

      • No really: they didn’t come out as I had wanted them to.
        We’re still having a light rain. It’sbeen raining all night, with a few interruptions. I haven’t checked the rain gauge yet, but from the window it looks like around 2″. YEAH!

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    • Thank you, Tina! We have some unique fences especially in the countryside. But, they are difficult to capture with the camera, due to the narrow and winding roads, and often there is no place to park your car. 😦

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