A Day In Bruges

We were told that “any visitor to Bruges should take a boat trip along its picturesque canals.” So we did.

The view of the bell tower and old houses is the essence of Bruges. The tower title? Yep, it leans about four feet, and has been carefully monitored since 1740, no change has been detected:


Cruising through the canal makes you understand why this is called the Venice of the North.

This medieval hospital and chapel was one of the oldest in Europe, and is now a museum housing works painted

In the last half of the 19th century, Bruges became one of the world’s first tourist destinations attracting wealthy British and French tourists.

Here are some the beautiful architecture of Bruge. The style is different from Amsterdam, even these two cities are only 2-hour train distance.

This sculpture is reminding us the garbage we have created everyday …

We had experienced a record-break heat weave in this part of Europe. It was not pleasant, say the least, but we endured.

Thank you for visiting!

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