Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Patterns (Architecture in Amsterdam)

Pattern forms when shapes, lines, or colors repeat in a scene. We can easily find different patterns around us, it does take a little practice to see them though. Capturing the beauty of  patterns has always been challenging for me.

This week Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is about patterns.

When visiting Amsterdam, I noticed some of the window patterns of the architecture are so fascinating, and the way they use colors are especially creative.

Ann-Christine is inviting us to join this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge “Patterns”, Click here to enjoy her beautiful photos captured in Bhutan.

BTW, the header is the Oculu in NYC. I’m happy to be back. Thank you for visiting!

58 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Patterns (Architecture in Amsterdam)

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    It’s the second picture I like most, because of its perspective: great shot. Not that the other two are not good, though. Not at all.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    P.S.: There’s a band of showers coming our way. Let’s hope it brings some (good) rain.

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    • Good Sunday morning, Pit.
      So glad you enjoyed this set. I remember that day was at around 95 F in the afternoon.
      We had some light showers too. Hope to get more later day. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the day.

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  2. Great contribution Amy, Long time not communicated with you. Hope you are doing great! Was a bit away from blogs, now trying to get back in an ant’s phase! 😁 😂 🤣


  3. Great series, Amy – patterns of Amsterdam! That last one in green makes me think of pistachio – and with 95F in the afternoon I guess I would have felt like pistachio too… Thank you for letting us see a piece of Amsterdam.


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  5. I love the red and the patterns, Amy. We were in Amsterdam several years ago but we were with a tour group so we couldn’t walk around too much. We only had one free afternoon and it was raining. We took the free trolly to go to the museum and visited Van Gogh.

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    • Yes, back already. 3-week vacation went fast. Btw, the previous post was scheduled a week before we left.
      We enjoyed part of the trip due to the record -breaking heat there, and I only brought two summer tops, but a rain coat and 3 other jackets… that was a mistake.


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