New York’s Central Park

Central Park is New York’s largest urban park and one of the biggest in the world, with 843 acres. Stretching between 59th and 110th Streets and Fifth and Eighth Avenues.

Here is a view of Central Park from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the Rockefeller Center.

A lovely place you can breath of nature. It is much needed in this busy, exciting city.

The park also offers everything, Horse drawn carriages, baseball fields , running walking lanes, restaurants a small amusement park.

Central park enables people to take a break from the skyscrapers and crowds to unwind.

Birds were very happy here. Mr. Cardinal was standing on the bench enjoying people-watching

and the Blue jet was dancing happily.

Walking around the lake, watching birds, enjoying the surrounding, I forgot I was in one of the busiest cities in the world.


I overheard a tour guide telling tourists that Jackie Kennedy Onassis once lived in this building:

I read somewhere that Central Park has 59 miles of trails, it would take days to enjoy the entire park. We wished we had more time.

Central Park is car-free! “An estimated 13 million annual visits in 1980 to more than 42 million today. Nowhere is the increase and variety of recreational use more evident than on the drives — where cyclists, tourists, joggers, walkers, and carriages enjoy the open space and beautiful views together.”   — Central Park Conservancy 

Thank you for visiting!

63 thoughts on “New York’s Central Park

  1. Good morning, Amy!
    I always find it amazing that a gigantic metropolis like New York has such a wonderful and large park. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures.
    Happy 4th,

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  2. I love your pics (esp the birds) and I have been to where you photographed –
    and you know what amazes me – is how NOT crowded things look -w ith all those people and still have an open vibe.

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  3. You have so wonderfully presented it through your beautiful photos,you did capture the spirit of it,dear Amy.Truly,an oasis in this big concrete jungle.I so much like your panoramic photo and the photo of the Cardinal who completely undistairbed was watching people walking around.Happy Fourth of July,dear friend 🙂 xxx

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    • Thank you, dear Doda. It was a pleasant morning in this magnificent park. Bird were taking easy in the park, Cardinal was so cute and cooperative. Did you find time to visit when you were in NYC? 🙂 xxx

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      • Yes,I did,dear Amy.Many the photos I’ve taken,I didn’t relax at all,I wanted to capture everything.Hope next time we visit,we’ll be able to stay longer and be free from any commitments.Since you mentioned J,Kennedy,I’ve taken a photo with a sign fixed on the black rails,which reads in capital letters : JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS RESERVOIR.I think they renamed it to honour her for her efforts and her contribution to beautify the city and the park as well ❤ xxx


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