Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Animal (No Birds)

One of the wildlife photographers suggests, “Be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait—it takes a long time to get good wildlife shots, even longer to make great ones.”

We took a morning trip to this spot in the Rockies Mountain NP, but elks were far away from the spot where visitors were allowed to stay. We then went back there in the early evening, then I was able to take a few good shots.

Seeing the moose there was a nice surprise, but we started hiking at around 6 a.m.

Taking photo of horses in the ranch is always fun.

It was a  3-hour whale watching boat trip. We waited, and waited,…  they finally swam toward our boat, it was less than a 3-minute thrill.

Congratulations to Cee’s 1,000,1000 views! Awesome!!!

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Sriram’s ( recent post is Fishing….Each B&W photo tells a story of

…its not the fish 

they are after

Fishing is much more than fish… 

DG MARYOGA commented Sriram’s post eloquently:

“…Masterly all your action photos and wisely worded,they create an immediate emotional link between the characters and the viewers.You photograph with the eyes of you soul,you let shadows,shades,waves play with the purest form of light,my friend.”

Doda’s (My Space in the Immense Universe) shows us “The Two Gentlemen & The Decisive Moment in a Fancy Hotel Lobbie”. I not only love her beautiful photos, but her unique observation. Must see!

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