A Photo Study: Street Photography

Brenda’s A Photo Study for this week is Street Photography. She provides some definitions from different photographers and interpret with her creative images.

I also like how James Maher explains, “Street photography is candid photography of life and human nature.

It is a way for us to show our surroundings, and how we as photographers relate to them.”

Street photography is interesting especially when you capture the movements or expressions of people. It’s more than challenging for me, however in NYC, I had to get used to including people in photos.

He also says, “We are filtering what we see, to find the moments that intrigue us, and to then share them with others.

It’s like daydreaming with a camera.”

The last photo was taken through a window of the top of the Rock (The Rockefeller Building). I did some major cropping for these photos, then converted into B/W via the Silver Effex.

Brenda is showing us her creative and story-telling street shots. Learn more click here.

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