For The Final Weekly Photo Challenge (2)

This post is for the last WPC theme All-Time Favorites. These photos were selected from my WPC collection (2016 and 2017), they were viewer’s favorites.

Simon commented, “Very unlike most of the other photographs I’ve seen on your pages. I like the way the photo seems to continue on and on towards its centre. There is something wonderful about horses. Extra wonderful when they come out of the mist.” Thank you,Simon.


Abrie Joubert’s comment on the “Sun shining… made me laugh, “can only echo the remarks above. The yellows of the second photo is to dance for and the contrast in the last photo is amazing and all of this wit an iPhone!! I think you are lying to me Amy.” 🙂

lensandpensbysally, “Amy, you’ve been privy to autumn’s gifts. Each has its own golden moment. Thanks for sharing them.”


For the “Creating Ambience With Lights” theme, I posted a few photos. This is one of them:

Jane Lurie commented, “A testimony of the power of ambience in sales. Amazing how much the mood of a place dictates the quality of one’s enjoyment. Great post, Amy.”

Jude, “I especially love the flames with the reflections Amy! Warmth, flames, movement and colour all combined.”


This one was for “Edge”. A fascinating architecture capture in London:

Debra, “Beautiful and dramatic photography, Amy. I love how you captured the fun in the water.”

Mary commented on the “Edge” post, “Amazing buildings. I bet you were in photography heaven.”  I was…


This bird captured was liked by many viewers and blog friends.

DG MARYOGA, “This is the moment when the image becomes a poem … Kudos to the performers and to the photographer 🙂You use all your senses when you capture the marvels of nature.”

Lucid Gypsy, “It’s vibrant and dreamlike at the same time.”


I loved the photo below and still do. I couldn’t see much in front of me because I was facing the sharp afternoon sunlight, I clicked anyway. But, the result was a pleasant surprise. I chose this image for the a WPC theme with the quote from A Room With A View by E.M. Forster:

“There is only a certain amount of kindness in the world…just as there is a certain amount of light.

We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things…

Choose a place where you won’t do very much harm and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine.”  — E.M. Forster, A Room With A View

Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar) commented, “That’s a difficult shot, but you’ve captured it perfectly!”


DG MARYOGA commented on the Eikando Temple Garden (Japan), “It’s beyond a beautiful garden,the whole atmosphere exudes a unique serenity and spirituality.”:


The Recipe for Happiness had the highest views in 2016, it made me very happy.

WPC has made many happy memories for participants and bloggers, it had created bags of smiles and tons of sharing. 🙂

Thank you again, WPC team!

Thank you for your support, my blog friends and followers.

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