Mary’s From Clicking to Creating (Freelens)

I have experimented a new photography technique, very new to me. It’s called “Free Lensing” which allows you to create dream-like photos. If you are interested, you may go to YouTube and search under “Freelensing” or click here.

It’s kinda awkward to detach and tilt the lens at the same time to get a shot. I do need to practice a few more times to get better results.

Here is my submission to Mary’s From Clicking to Creating.

This week, Mary is showing us a set of beautiful, creative photos; I especially like the hood ornament on a Pontia and scattered rain showers over the Tetons. She also demonstrates “the process for sharpening the bird, and not degrading the background into a huge noisy mess”. The blue bird is way too beautiful!

While you are there, do visit her Bears of Grand Teton National Park-Part 2. Mary and her husband had an amazing 10 days watching the Bears. 🙂

If you want to share your clicking and creating, go see Mary (Tales From the Back Road). Thank you, Mary!

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