Mary’s From Clicking To Creating (Panning)

A photographer said that one of the creative photography techniques is about dramatic presentation.

I think panning photography is pretty dramatic. That is everything in the background of the photo looks moving and blurry, at the same time the subject has to stay clear.

Downhill is fun for cyclist, but challenging to get a panning shot.

Uphill pedaling is another story…

I used to think the tight-fitting cycling clothe was just a trendy fashion for cyclists. Actually, the material is designed to wick away heat and sweat, keeping you cool and dry, which makes it far less tiring to ride. Is that true, Pit?

Last Saturday morning, I was out in the park for a couple of hours, not pedaling but experimenting panning shots. Expert may not call these panning photos, but I had fun clicking. Which one do you like?

This week, Mary (Tales from the Back Road) is showing us creative ways of photographing flowers. If you want to join or learn from Mary, please click here.

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