Brenda’s Photo Study: Shutter Speed

This week’s photo study is shutter speed. Brenda takes time to show us examples of various shutter speeds with the same aperture and ISO settings.

with 1/800 second, I was able to freeze the fast whale movement,  As you can see, this young whale was having fun of making splashes here, then quickly diving into the water.

Capturing bird in flight, I normally go for 1/800 to 1/1250.

Brenda also explains the effect of slow shutter speed, “This light is continuously being influenced by the motion within the scene and thus creating blurry, foggy, silky, or milky elements within an image.”

The one below was taken with 1/20 second without a tripod.

The next at 2.5 second with a tripod:

Please go to Brenda’s MEDITATIVE JOURNEY WITH SALDAGE to see how she creates “the inclusion of motion blur with a high aperture setting, a low as possible ISO, and a low shutter speed.”

Thank you, Brenda! Hope to hear your comment. 🙂

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