Favorite Places

Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is “favorite Place“. Chri asks us to share an image of our  happy place, …

I don’t have just one image, I have a few images in four different seasons.

My favorite place in spring is Texas Hill Country where you can drive hours to admire wildflowers.

I don’t know how mid summer is like in Grand Canyon. When we visited GC in early summer, it was pleasant to hike and walk around the rim.

Watching wild animals in Rocky Mountain National Park in fall was such a treat.

Hawaii is a great place to enjoy the beautiful beaches in winter.

WPC: Favorite Place

What is your favorite place or places?

58 thoughts on “Favorite Places

  1. Fascinated with all your photos from these wonderful places,the first one with the flowered flied is so pleasing to the eye,dear Amy!Looks like a huge carpet with a lovely floral design.Thanks for this wonderful tour in Texas,Crand Canyon,National Park and to the beautiful rocky beach in the remote Hawaii ❤ xxx

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  2. Hard to pick favorites isn’t it??

    I love our paradise here in AZ. I love our paradise in Pennsylvania as well.

    Your photos bring back many sweet memories as I have been to all of your favorite places!


  3. I am always amazed at the diversity of shots you come up with, Amy. Every view is stunning. My favourite place would be a warm place with lots of sunshine…if not, my bed, boring but nice and cozy 🙂


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