Brenda’s a photo study: sub-framing

Brenda explains, “A simple way to understand sub-framing is to re-define it as a picture in a picture. This technique invites a viewer’s eye into an image through the use of natural or man-made elements.”

This topic is very interesting, but new to me. These photos may show “a picture in a picture” concept.

Trees were framed by trees:

A pavilion is within a pavilion:

A stone lantern is within a stone lantern frame:


A beautiful bell frame is framed by trees and branches:

Natural frame:

Using architectural structure to frame the subject:

Brenda has a set of beautiful photos for the architectural, urban/street, natural, creative, and portrait sub-frames. Visit Benda’s a photo study: sub-framing and learn more.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback, Brenda. 🙂 Thank you!

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