From Clicking to Creating – Week 4 of 2018

Mary Starts week 4 with a gorgeous image of sunset. She says, “Where we are in the desert is pretty quite, but at sunset, even more so.  The sound of the sun setting is generally all we hear. The other night the clouds were amazingly creative, and the depth in the mountains to the west only added to the whole scene.” Take a look.

This week, Mary is showing us how to use Lr and Google Nik Efex to add a texture layer. I remember I downloaded Efex three years ago and used it quite a few times for the “After and Before” challenge. It has been a while, I haven’t used it since.

Here you can see the difference between with and without adding a texture layer. These two photos were taken in Kyoto.


Pro process through Efex:

Here is another example:

Pro process through Efex:

If you like the result, please visit Mary’s From Clicking to Creating – Week 4 to get the link for free downloading and to learn how to use it. And, join us for this fun challenge.

Before you go, click to see Mary’s Hummingbird photos. It will blow you away…

Thank you, Mary!

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