High-Speed Photography

For this assignment, I picked a few fun action captures from my file.

#1 These guys were playing music. As soon as they finished playing, they jumped up, laughing and yelling. So unexpected, I love this shot. Snapped it with my Powershot.

#2  This boy was dashing through a water fountain for fun.

Canon 7D II, 1/640, f 7, iso 150

#3 Surfers at the S. California beach.

1/800, f 7, iso 250

#4  Whale was showing off:

1/640 (Tv):

#5 Dolphin wanna to have fun. 🙂

1/640 (Tv)

Thank you, Raj for the lesson, tips, and cool shots. Next time, I’ll adjust aperture and ISO for high-speed photography as Raj suggests.

I haven’t had a chance to take photos with high speed lately. I apologize if you have seen these photos before.

Looking forward to your critics, Raj!

XDrive Photography Learning – 19 -High-Speed Photography. 

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