From Clicking to Creating – Week 3 Manual Mode

Mary ( explains why manual mode, “This weeks challenge for me was how to tweak those manual settings… Controlling the aperture and shutter speed can create some fun, and artistic results that you could never get from shooting in Auto.”

The two images using manual mode by Mary are really cool, take a look.

So far, I only use aperture priority (Av) or shutter speed (Tv). This waterfall image was captured with 1/5th second with a tripod:

When I’m shooting bird in flight, I set shutter speed priority (Tv), 1/640 to 1/1600. For landscape images, I try to adjust the aperture to get the shutter speed I want since most of the time I don’t carry tripod when I travel. The image below is an example at 1/50th, f14:

The shutter speed for this tree shot was 1/30th at f16.

Learn to use the manual mode to create fun photos from Mary. Click here. The tips of organizing photos in Lightroom are practical, Thank you, Mary!

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