From Clicking to Creating – Week 2 of 2018 (Color Harmony)

Week 2 in the Dogwood 52 challenge is all about color harmony, with the category of composition.

This week, Mary is showing us the steps of setting a profile on Lightroom.

Below is the original photo and edited version through the preset with one click. Though it’s not the best practice, I’m happy to learn how to set the profile/preset and use it every time.

Mary explains further, “When you want to convey color harmony, composition is key. Balance in the image to bring out that color harmony is super important. Harmony means balance, balance means equal parts.” That sounds like a long journey for me to get there… But, when we are outdoor, do we have choices or a chance to compose the harmony of colors for photographing? Click here to learn more.

Playing with the color wheel that Mary provided, now I see why blue line and benches are placed under and against this brick wall.

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My hairdresser D is also an Artist. Some months ago I showed her my flower images on my iPhone. She picked this one (left) and created a beautiful, colorful painting (right). She got the red, pink, orange, blue… blended so well.

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