The Moon Crossing Bridge and Beyond

Arashiyama is a half hour JR train away from Kyoto station. The prominent feature of Arashiyama village is the Togetsukyo Bridge, known as “Moon Crossing Bridge”.

The bridge connects the town, temple… to the other side of the village. One side of the bridge is the bamboo forest, the other side is a long, beautiful trail along a scenic river.

I took this photo while walking on the Moon Crossing Bridge:

It was a cooler, misty, quiet, and beautiful morning.

Seeing these canoes, I remember our cool canoeing experience through the Dordogne River, France several years ago.

I was taking time to photograph the trees, ferns, stones, river…. At first, hubby was a few feet ahead of me. He kept walking steadily and I kept shooting, later he was further and further ahead of me. But, I was not in a hurry. 🙂 That morning we walked almost 10 miles.

Most tourists didn’t come to this far, they stopped at the bridge. I was glad we did.

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39 thoughts on “The Moon Crossing Bridge and Beyond

  1. What a beautiful place. I have discovered many times that the best trails are just beyond were the majority of the tourists stop. Thanks for sharing this beautiful hike. If was a nice diversion from my day over lunch. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Patrick! I’m so glad you had a break here. We couldn’t understand why people didn’t come to this side, we were happy they didn’t. 🙂


  2. This is so serene and I especially love that path with the cyclist on it. Rustic and calming – really nice to be at. I can picture self seated alongside just watching the world go by and the sound of nature. Good share and as always, Thank you so much!

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