Imperial Palace Garden, Kyoto

This is part 2 of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

“There is no garden in which greater respect is paid to nature than in the Japanese garden.”

~ Johann Kraftner


Looking up these trees, I began to understand their respect to nature as Johnann Kraftner described in his book “The Elegant Garden”.

Wikipedia explains, “Nothing in a Japanese garden is natural or left to chance; each plant is chosen according to aesthetic principles, either to hide undesirable sights, to serve as a backdrop to certain garden features, or to create a picturesque scene, like a landscape painting or postcard.” So true.

Trees are carefully chosen, beautifully arranged/displayed, and maintained with great care in every corner of all the gardens in Japan, no matter how many years or generations it may take.

One of my blog friends said that Japanese treat trees like God. I think he is right.

Taking a last look of the garden through the window reflections.

A long, but beautiful winding road to the exit gate.

Thank you so much for your company strolling the first garden we visited in Kyoto. 🙂

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