quote: Silence the mind…

Connect with nature..”silence the mind”

& the soul will know what to do 

to heal itself…

The soul always knows what to do 

to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

                       ~ ` ~ Caroline myss

Mr. Sriram ( ) introduced us this poem with his exquisite photos in one of his posts. Yes, words can be interpreted by photos, vise verse, almost. You may agree that a few words are difficult to expressed by photos. I think “healing” is one of them. A few months ago, Mr. Sriram made two posts, one is “To heal“. It is beautiful, poetical, and yet philosophical (actually all his photos are.). It is moving, yet comforting. And the another is “They Heal“.

Wherever you are, stay well, Mr. Sriram. Thank you!

Thanks to Aletta (nowathome, Love life! Sharing and caring!) for offering me an opportunity to share my favorite quotes and photos. If you’d like to join please visit her blog site.

I’m so glad Brenda (MEDITATIVE JOURNEY WITH SALDAGE a sharing of readings, thoughts, and images) has accepted the invitation and posted the day 1. I absolutely love her photo and the quote, Brilliant! 🙂

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