3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2): Days of Our Lifes


Days Of Our Lives

As children we fret over how long the day will last

As youths we worry about how long the night will last

As old people we wonder how long the twilight will last…

This quote was written eloquently by my blog friend Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar). He described a long life journey in just three lines.

Thanks to Aletta (nowathome, Love life! Sharing and caring!) for offering me an opportunity to share my favorite quotes and photos. Feel free to join us.


Jeremy (Picks of my pics …), an exceptional photographer, is posting an extraordinary photo. This is how he explains, “I have long been captivated by Japanese-style photography. There is no official definition of such a style, but it has some instantly recognizable characteristics … desaturated, slightly over-exposed, pale tone, faint blue tint, soft background. Usually moments of daily life or common objects. Nothing dramatic. The atmosphere or emotion is the key.”  Click here to see how he has achieved it.

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