Wildlife in Rocky Mountain NP (3)

Elk are highly social animals and travel in various herd sizes throughout the year. Herds can grow as large as a few hundred individuals.

Large herds consist of cows, calves and young bulls (spikes). Older bulls stay in smaller groups or are solitary until the fall breeding season.

Dominant bulls follow groups of cows during the rut, from August into early winter. A bull will defend his harem from competing bulls and predators.

Junior Bull was bravely walking into Mr. Bull’s territory and was bugling. He knew females are attracted to the males that bugle more often and have the loudest call.

Before he knew it, he was in trouble.

Mr. Bull run after him, and then was head to head with him (I wish I had captured the fight). Junior didn’t know how to fight yet, but he could run faster than Mr. Bull. He had no choice, but dashing through the field. He then crossed the road, it did stop the traffic.

Mr. Bull decided not to run any further. He stood firmly claiming his territory once again.

As soon as Junior crossed the road, he stopped by the tree for a second. He turned his head and took a quick look just to make sure Mr. Bull wasn’t after him.

A couple minutes later, when Junior was still trying to catch his breath, two cows were approaching him.

But, he was so tired…

After a short nap, Junior got up and was puzzled, “Where did they go…?”

No one wants to miss the show. 🙂

I probably took several hundreds more photos during this four-day trip than my two-week vacation. 🙂

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