Guess Who’s Coming To Picnic

While driving on a road outside of Estes Park, we noticed people standing by the creek. Off the car, we saw an Elk wandering in the woods and making marks for his territory.

He kept walking and making marks. Camera, phone, and iPad were all aimed on him.

Meanwhile, Elk family had already parked at someone’s backyard. Papa joined them after making marks, he then started checking the safety of the picnic area for his family.

“Can we stay here, papa?” The little one asked.

“Okay. Stay with your mum. Be good!”

Once papa Elk gave an approval, the family situated by the picnic tables. Mama Elks and big sisters were sitting in circle and three little ones were placed in the center.

Papa found a shady spot nearby, he wasn’t resting though. He kept his eyes on the south side of the picnic area.

A bunch of us were watching them quietly through the trees and bushes. Papa Elk didn’t mind the camera clicks.

WPC: Layered

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