Recap and Travel Stories

It’s time for me to give a recap of my posts, between May and August, 2017.  I also want to take this opportunity to share a few heartwarming travel stories with you.

Top three in May:

My carry on luggage probably weighs 8 pounds extra after I stuff my camera gears and lenses. Most of the time when I take a solo trip, a gentleman who sits before or behind me would volunteer to offer help to get my luggage up to or off the cabinet.

A couple months ago, I made a solo trip from Texas to another state. When we were on board on the plane, a gentleman standing behind me said to me gently, “I’ll help you…” He did. He then turned around to get to his seat two rows ahead of mine. Three hours later, the plane landed. As soon as he was up from his seat there were three passengers behind him. He looked toward where I was sitting, then asked the person who sat behind me to help me get my luggage and pointed to him where my luggage was. I did not a chance to thank him.


Another time, I left my iPhone in the lady’s room, I noticed it I was already out of the exit gate. I asked the guard if she’d let me in because of my cell. Without a word, two other female guards at the exit gate literally ran to the lady’s room and got the phone back to me. This time I had a chance to thank them.


When we were taking a train from Sarlat back to Paris via Bordeaux, the train slowly stopped at a station, then we heard a long announcement. A lady who sat across from us kept looking at me. A couple of minutes later she walked to me and asked politely, “Do you understand?” “Non” I said. She used mixed English and French to explain that the train had a problem so we all needed to get off and change another train. I asked, “où et comment?” (I know a few French words.) She said, “I will take you there, but I have only 12 minutes for my next train, no train for me after this one today. We have to run. Fast.” We ran with her to a ticket station to issue our tickets, then rush to our train stop. In no time, she turned around and dashed to her train stop direction. I didn’t even have a second to say “Merci beaucoup” to her. I was so thankful, but wondered the entire time on the train (even to this day) if she got on her train.


Their kindness, thoughtfulness, and smiles stay with me wherever I travel.

Thank you so much for you clicks, likes, and delightful comments!

I will be taking a short break. See you next week! 🙂

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