XDrive Photo Lesson – 8: Close up/Macro

“In this micro world, the colors are so vivid; shapes are intricate, life is very different, nothing is trivial.” Raj says.  Macro photos are fascinating!

This week’s lesson includes focusing, distance focus, zoom capability, and many more. He also provides his several beautiful close up/macro images and some cool tips and tricks. Now I know it’s not all about a macro lens.

I started practice close up/macro shots when I got the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 (it’s not a macro lens). This weed image below was  captured with 1/160 sec, f5,6, iso 1250 (Av mode):

1/100, f2.8, iso 200 (Av)  for this rose image:

It took me a while to get familiar the canon 60 mm macro lens, and I still don’t know how the best to adjust the distance focus.

1/80, f2.8, iso125 (Av) for this blue flower:

Sometimes I get lucky. 🙂

All photos were taken with Canon 7D II. For Raj’s  XDrive Photo Lesson – 8 lesson: Close up and Macro click here.

Raj takes time to provide comment and suggestions for improvement for each of our photos. At the end of the month, he provides an interactive monthly Learn Photography Review.  Thank you so much, Raj! Looking forward to hearing from you.

72 thoughts on “XDrive Photo Lesson – 8: Close up/Macro

  1. You were really lucky with te bitterfly, Amy, but you also created the perfect shot there! I like it a lot. I also like the rose, especially with the drops of water on the petals.
    Have a great day,


  2. Wonderful shots Amy! I’m currently thinking of buying a macro lens, maybe Tamron or Sigma, just can’t quite decide if I should, they’re pretty expensive. You’ve captured some lovely shots without one. I use my Lumix bridge camera on the macro setting, but keep feeling I’d like to get even better shots. Oh what to do?! 🙂


  3. Good evening, Amy. As soon as I saw the word “macro”, I thought of you, and many of your beautiful macro photos came to my mind. Beautiful photos, Amy. I particularly like the butterfly!
    Have a wonderful evening.

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  4. Welcome to XDrive sessions once again Amy!

    Pic 1: An excellent close-up shot! Almost all of the subject is in sharp focus. 18~135 mm lens I have used it in the past and is an excellent lens. I think some post processing would have enhanced the contrast of the subject. Wished that bottom part of the subject was also in focus.

    Pic 2: There is nothing like the rose with the water drops on them. Any flower with the water droplets on them is an extraordinary shooting opportunity. However, I don’t see much of the sharpness on the flower. But see the aperture is very wide open, whenever you do a close-up shot give maximum importance to the DOF, ask a question if you want the whole flower to be in focus or just a water drop? In this case, I would like to show the complete flower, so you need an aperture around f7 to achieve it.

    Pic 3: The the macro lens you have can focus from a minimum distance of 6 cms, that means you can do excellent macro shots. However in this case too a very shallow depth of field is present because of f 2.8. Also, I feel that the focus completely missed on this shot. The stamens should have been the center of focus. For macros, I always recommend a manual focus. The scene you are shooting easily confuses the camera to do the wrong focusing.

    Pic 4: Excellent shot, flower and fly both are in sharp focus and especially the eye is in focus this makes a perfect shot. Any macros shot is a challenge, yes we need to be lucky to find the right moment and the right settings.

    My main suggestion to you on the macro shots is to go for f 6 or f7 range and the manual focus.

    This critical review is part of XDrive Learning Photography sessions. Thank you for your contribution.

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