Learn To Read Nature

“The Earth has many lessons to teach us. These lessons are written on the ground at your feet,

on the mountain across the river from my house, in the rocks of a riverbed,

in the trees, and on a mountainside.

Once you learn to read them, you’ll see them all around you.”  — William Neill

WPC: Structure


Offer collapsed from exhaustion.

And, neighbors form human chain to help woman in labor get through floodwaters…

Photos are from Internet.

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57 thoughts on “Learn To Read Nature

    • These heroes have shown their strengths and endurance as they are helping others… Thank you so much for your comment, Dr. Hb. Yes, it makes me to believe that there ‘s hope for humanity.

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  1. Amy, your heartfelt post is apt and timely, because humans need to understand the interconnection and interdependence of nature and human nature. Crisis can be a tipping point, but it’s sad that it takes should an event for some to connect these dots.


  2. Beautiful shots with raw emotion. Nature is awesome in its structure and frightening in its intensity, I hope you are safe and have not been affected by Harvey. God bless all of those who helped and for those who are now trying to come to terms…


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  4. Many years ago I worked in an emergency ambulance. It was very hard to see young people with cancer or anciens that died in solitude. It was a very hard job and very often you see the worst of the people. The people who work in emergencies are special, not heroes. One day, they wake up and they are burn out. They are not heroes like the films the depression arrives.


    • I always admire nurses and MDs. It takes special strengths, patience, and good heart to do what they do; and they perform their jobs day-in and day-out. I can understand they get burned out quickly. Can’t imagine watching young people die from cancer… Worked in ER before, you are a very special person. It also shows on the photos you take — the way you see these places and the world.
      Thank you so much, CM for sharing your thoughts.

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