Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Shadows

Biking at the park or fishing with dad may be a memorable summertime for many kids. Kids are either already back to school or ready for next week.

Hope you had a fun, relaxing summer. 🙂


Louis Marquez carries his dog Dallas through floodwaters after rescuing the dog from flooded Houston.

According to this morning’s news report, approximately 9,000 people and 1,000 pets have been rescued.

Photo from Internet

41 thoughts on “Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Shadows

    • The man carrying his dog is a very moving photo. Thank you for mentioning Ansel Adams’ photos here.
      We are so lucky to be in the digital age using our digital camera and iPhone. 🙂


  1. It is good to see many good people doing good things in Texas and I love how you share these images Amy. It was disappointing to see how many scammers began to defraud those who care about animals, claiming to raise funds for shelters and spreading a lot of horror stories about mass euthanasia. Thankfully most of them have been removed from social media now and those who deserve our attention for all the right reasons are shining more brightly again 💜


  2. I really appreciate your sharing heartwarming pictures from the disaster that remind us of the tragedy, yet give us hope in the goodness of mankind and make us feel grateful for all that we have. Thank you Amy


  3. I like your kids photos 🙂 Really captures those carefree summers.
    And watching people and pets being rescued breaks my heart. You can lose everything as long as you still have your family.


    • Thank you, Raj! The last photo was heart wrenching. The guy was holding his dog with his hands and arms, then the water got higher, he had to put his dog around his shoulders….


  4. These are wonderful Amy – I love that you chose shadow shots that included people for additional interest. How’s it going out there – did you take the shot of the man/dog or was it in the news??? In either case, very touching.


    • Thank you for liking the photos, Sue. The photo of the man carrying the dog was from the Internet. The guy was carry his dog with his hands, then water got deeper, he had to carry his dog around his shoulders…. Many animals didn’t make it.

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  5. Amy, all eyes on Texas, and my heart is with you! I’ve been so moved to see the photos of neighbors and strangers helping each other. Your shadow photos are beautiful, Amy. I love the way the trees leave such a gorgeous pattern!


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