An Unusual Architecture Of A Mall

The shady and intimate courts, Spanish towers, Moroccan arches, white washed facades, and simple tiled roofs typify the architectural ambiance of this recreated Andalusian village, as it was described by Exline Design. It’s a very unique architecture design for a shopping mall in Irvine, California.

I recognized the style of the architecture as soon as we walked in this section of the mall. While having coffee at the Starbucks in the mall, I did a Google search on my iPhone find out the background of the architecture.

Wikipedia explains, “The unusual architecture of the property is based on the Alhambra in GranadaSpain, figuring most prominently in the center’s second phase.”

WPC: Structure


Restaurants, chefs rally to help feed those affected by Hurricane Harvey

“When we got there, the officers were soaking wet. I’m not joking, they had only a sad plate of old chicken wings. They had no other food,” said Callie Easterly, who delivered the pizza with her mother and father-in-law, Debbie and Eddie Love, owners of Frank’s Pizza. “They started cheering us and hugging us. We said we’re the ones who should be cheering them.”

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