Corners of Oxford

According to Discovery Oxford Architecture, Oxford origins lie in the late Saxon period and its original street pattern still survives along with some of its earliest monuments. It contains one of the best preserved groups of medieval and later university buildings in the world and a wealth of architectural gems from the classical to the modern.

When we were London, we took a day trip to Oxford to admire its architecture, we were not disappointed.

This was the bike parking situation in Oxford.

WPC: Corner


My heart goes out to Houston…

Photo source: PBS

53 thoughts on “Corners of Oxford

  1. Are you getting bad flooding? We had planned on going to Round Top for the big antique show in September. Our friends are letting us use a part of their booth. We are seriously rethinking the whole thing now, it looks like that area is getting flooding too.


  2. Hey Amy, thanks for lovely pics of my home town – I grew up in a village about twelve miles west of Oxford, and had my first job in the city. I left when I was twenty-two, to go to Canada, and returned some 15 years later. I go back every year to visit family πŸ™‚

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  3. Our hearts also go out to the people affected by this incredible flooding! A newsflash just hit my phone that said the cost of cleaning up after Harvey may HELP the economy! I won’t bother to try to understand that quite yet, but I had to share after reading your response to Mary.

    Your beautiful photos of Oxford architecture are so appealing. I’m that was a wonderful destination to explore!

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    • The reconstruction work and Fed money for building the city may help, also people will have to spend money on the necessities.
      Thank you for visiting, Debra. πŸ™‚


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  5. Wonderful photos from the historic city,brilliant architectural elements displayed!I’m so happy to see your area is not affected,dear Amy πŸ™‚ Have a peaceful and rain free week ahead ❀ xxx


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