Frame Your Subject

Raj is taking “frame your subject” to the next level! In this lesson, he shows what frames can to photos and how to achieve it.

1/200 sec, f14, ISO 100 with 18mm lens

I took this shot below through the car window while hubby was driving through the Golden Bridge.


Auto focus (lost the data)

I appreciate Raj’s idea of using abstract elements for framing. He says, “…there are no specific rules as to what should make up the frame. It could be anything as long as it enhances the subject.” His photos are beautifully framed and inspiring.

For the image below, I was able to place the lantern in the center of the arch, as a result the lantern was in line with the palm tree within the frame.


I always like how Raj uses the shadow to frame his photos, I struggled to create one to frame this deer image.

The deer was standing between two trees, and a tree branch is right above her, which made an interesting frame.


Click here to visit “Learn Photography – 7 – Frame your subject”. Hope to see your photos with frames. 🙂

Thank you, Raj! Looking forward to hear your critics.


Corrections made according to Raj’s critics:

Thank you , Raj!

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