To delete or not to delete

Actually, it’s about managing our fast growing photos, deleting the unaccepted photos is the first step, perhaps. Sometimes, I have hard time to click “delete” if the photo holds the memory, special moments, or happy experience, like the blurry galloping horse photos I posted yesterday.

Three weeks ago, I captured an eagle at a nearby park with my iPhone, the bird was about 25 feet above me. After I cropped the image, it looked even worse, but hubby was able to tell it was an eagle. It was my first ever photo capture of a flying eagle, and I was unwilling to delete it.

Thank you for sharing your experience of organizing and managing old and new photos. I have gathered some feedback. They are below these photos, hope you’ll find it helpful.

I have done a couple photoΒ book projects this summer. One was for my brother, I gathered the photos he has emailed me and photos of our Bangkok trip and made a photo book. He said it brought to tears as he was looking through, I imagine he was holding sweet memories. I guess a tangible photo book telling stories still means a lot to us, no matter how convenient it is to view online. The first photo book I made for myself was the photos of bees, butterflies, and dragonflies. My next one may be horses and deer. πŸ™‚

Oh, I almost forgot, Bambi showed up last Sunday. This time, he was out of woods, staying behind grass and weeds. He has grown a lot since last time (some two weeks ago) I saw him.

Do you print your photos or make photo books?


Thank you so much for sharing how you manage your photos. I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • I keep my photos on a memory card, external hard disk of 1TB as well as on memory sticks. I try not to keep too many photos of local sights as these can change so I thrash often.

  • I keep the photos I need easy access to, like the ones I print, on my computer. I will go through fairly often and put the rest on my external hard drive.

  • When I have imported the photos, I delete the memory card when I put it back in the camera. A professional phtographer once looked at my workflow and advised me not to delete the images on the memory card whilst it’s connected to the computer. So I delete all the images after every shooting except when travelling.

  • I tend to organise my photographs in stages within a few days of taking them. I first scroll through them on my camera and delete images that are too blurry or where I have only caught a tail or hindleg from the dogs. I do another big sweep once I have downloaded them on the laptop and decide which ones I want to run through lighroom.

  • I use a portable hard drive. My pics are very important to me.

  • I keep everything and everywhere,which makes the situation chaotic.

  • My unacceptable pics gets trashed immediately after any photography session. I shoot raw and all my images remain as raw. I don’t store any jpgs. All my images remain on my laptop and gets synced on to my RAID based 2TB HDD at home. But its filling up fast.

  • As for orderly archiving I am fairly useless but have started to upload the ones I really like to a photo printing site – turn them into something tangible – any that come out well will be kept in a folder on the hard drive and backed up externally too.

  • I delete photos from the inserted card via my computer, then load the new β€œSaved” ones onto a computer file for that specific time period.

  • I am good at deleting photos after I have downloaded them onto my computer. I also review photos on my camera at the end of the day or session and delete from there as well. Sometimes I need to see the photo on a big screen to decide whether to keep or delete.

Thank you for visiting!

68 thoughts on “To delete or not to delete

  1. You sound very organised in archiving your photos! And your photo book idea is marvellous. I should do one too for memory keepsake. The photo of the bird drinking out of a feeder….is it a hummingbird? Ohh..bambi is the sweetest and yes…she has grown indeed!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸΎπŸΎ

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  2. There are photos for me, my first ones that I just can’t delete, it doesn’t matter if the quality is bad or people didn’t get what I saw in them, for me they are special and I will save them πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you for sharing this Amy and I love your images and photobooks. Photographs that hold special memories are treasures in themselves, regardless whether they are technically ‘perfect’ and I keep plenty of them too :o) xxx

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  4. I find it next to impossible to delete most photos I take! If I’m photographing a certain object that I only need one photo of, I’ll take 10 pictures and then find a reason to keep them all. “The lighting is best in this one, but I like the angle in this one, oh but I like how zoomed in this photo is, and this photo has poor lightning but can look really good once I edit it in photoshop…” etc etc

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  5. I do not process all my images but I find it difficult to delete them. I have a 4 tb external hard drive so no need to delete right now. After I process through Lightroom I save a jpg in Dropbox for printing purposes or for posting online.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Emilio. So glad to hear that you find it difficult to delete your photos. Each of your photo collections is an artwork. All of your photos tell great stories and history of the places or building buildings you have visited. Really cool!

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  6. When I download from my camera, the images go into a “holding” folder. From there I go through and delete the worse after viewing them on the big screen (bigger than my camera). Some blurred get kept if the subject is a rare photo or it can be reworked into something. After this initial sort I then sort into subject folders This sounds great doesn’t it? I still have to sort photos from March this year!!!

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  7. i have already created photo books for most of my travels, Amy. but one for pictures that i took overtime is a great idea. thank you and for the tips on photo management is great! πŸ™‚


  8. Oh Amy .. what a super post! Thank you for all the info. I’m good at deleting too. Mind you sometimes I have regretted deleting older pics. I don’t delete from my card, as I like to think it’s another source should my other systems fail. I’m boring and shoot in jpg .. for all the wrong reasons. Love your photos ..


  9. Thanks for writing about this Amy, I enjoy reading about other photographer’s work flow. I also delete off the memory card after downloading and putting the memory card back in the camera. I also format the card at that point. I’ve heard it keeps the card “healthier” so to speak.


  10. lovely Amy…there is nothing like looking at prints again & again.I spend more time looking at the photos in books than in my computer…:-)..i go back to the books I have collected over the years and just keep looking at the photos in them.
    thanks for sharing.
    Hope you come out with many more such books Amy…:-)
    take care


    • Thank you for sharing your joy of making and viewing your photo book, Sriram. I agree, the tangible book holds our memories in a special way, no comparison to online photos.
      I’m so glad to hear that your exquisite photos are well preserved in photo books and you are enjoying looking at them. πŸ™‚

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  11. It’s a long time, Amy, since you posted this, and I have always wanted to answer. Well, finally!
    Deleting pictures is really a challenge for me. It’s not only with pictures that I tend to keep stuff. I believe I have not yet left the “hunter-and-gatherer state” of my development. πŸ˜‰ Whatever I gather, I seem to want to store.
    As to the pictures: lately I have reall made an effort and deleted quite a few, either if they were doubles or nearly doubles, or if they were originals after I had edited them and stored the edited picture. But especially in the case of editing I quite often (want to) keep the original for possibly further/different editing. That attitude needs change, too. I certainly have made some progress there, though, after I got my EasyHDR software and am using that. With pictures edited with that software I quite frequently delete the original, and then also check and double-check which of the edited ones I really should keep. What helps me to decide is that I have started to use the catalogiung’classifying function of my usual picture-editing/viewing software [ACDSee]. I now have comments there about the quelity, and will at some time go through the pictures and decide if I delete those with the worst evaluations. But all that is a long-winded and tedious process. I’ll have to see how it works out.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing, Pit! A lot of effort behind the scene of posting photos. I, too, begin to delete the one that I don’t see any value. It really is a winded and tedious process. πŸ™‚

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