Just When You Think You Are Ready…

I was fascinated with the panning photos Raj posted last week for the “focusing on blurs“. Raj encouraged me to practice on taking horse running shots, he also gave me some precious instructions. I went to the ranch last Saturday, and had my camera set for panning. Btw, these are junior horses, love to show off their power. So, I was so sure that they’d give a show like they did a week ago. I waited, waited… but, no sign for any action. They decided to take easy this morning, I thought.

at 8:13:05 am

11 seconds later, things changed quickly…

at 8:14:01 am

Gosh… Guys, I need a minute to reset my camera to shutter speed priority!

From where they were, for whatever the reason, they ran toward the back of the ranch, and the show lasted only 15 seconds.

at 8:14:15 am

At that point, my hope was still up for a couple of panning shots. But, not a chance, they were going to stay here for a while.

at 8:15:17 am

Happy travel if you’re taking an eclipse trip. 🙂

These horse under the sun looked pretty shiny.

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