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“We are here to love. Everything else is distraction.”

Scott Stabile


This week’s Photo Challenge invites us to share that which distracts us – and it comes during a week when distraction is a welcome relief from the onslaught of horrific news items. First there was Charlottesville, VA and shortly thereafter Barcelona. We find ourselves wondering when and how it will all end.


“Distraction is a killer of dreams, visions and goals”

Topsy Gift

Following these tragic events there have been many, and varied, responses. One I found very interesting was an essay comparing the number of white supremacists who responded to the call for a “massive gathering” (estimated at a few hundred people,) versus the millions of the rest of us who find them repulsive. Another observation was made by none other than the great philosopher Tina Fey 😊. She reminds us that the White Supremacists’ call to return our country to those who originally owned it forgets that it was we who actually stole it from its original inhabitants, the Native Americans.


“Listen to your inner voice and never let the distraction of the crowd discolor your poise.”

Israelmore Ayivor

Let’s talk for a moment about the Anti-Semitic Nazi-flag bearers. It is of course their right to hate and disparage Jews. Should they decide to go that route, we must remind them they should be denied access to any of the contributions Jews have made to our lives. No cure for polio or syphilis, no cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker, none of the music of Irving Berlin or Bob Dylan, none of the humor of Jerry Seinfeld or the Marx Brothers, no levis (or their successors, blue jeans), no sewing machines, and none of the contributions of Albert Einstein – just to name a few simple things.  And by the way, many notable historians speculate that Columbus was actually a Jew whose voyage was funded by Jews so I suppose they’d have to give up America as well – just sayin’.

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