Focus on blurs

For this blur topic, I spent a good amount of time to select and re-select photos, but when I went back to Raj’s post (glad I did), I realized that Raj wanted us to focus on “the importance of blurriness in the pictures”, not DOF shots. This says how much I know about blurring. Well, that is a part of the learning process. Learning from my mistakes is always a valuable lesson, this is also one of the reasons I love about Raj’s Photo Lesson series.

1/16 sec, f 8, ISO 100. with Av. minimum edit in Lr

As walking through the Fairmont Banff Hotel at around 7 am, I was pleasantly surprised with the morning sunlight pouring in from the east side of those large window panels, I kept clicking. Toward the end of the long hallway, I was fascinated by the shadows and reflections of a window spot. I took  a few shots through the window, but wasn’t happy with the intense backlit. The next morning, I was up earlier and glad to see the soft and beautiful sunlight. This one is very blurry because it was captured through a window. I wonder if the photo may look better with a different camera setting.

1/200 sec. f 2.8, ISO 125. 

This blurry flower image is one of those “intentional blur”, maybe (?).

The photo above was captured with iPhone 6+, then processed through Snapseed.

I found this topic very interesting, another awesome lesson from Raj. Panning sounds like an adventure, hope to learn more about it someday. 🙂

Looking forward to reading your critics, thank you so much, Raj!

The first photo was posted sometime ago in 2015. My blog friend Dr. Hb liked it and wrote a beautiful poem for this one.

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