Second Best #2

For the second week of this theme, Laure (eljaygee in pursuit of the photo) says, “The photos that did not quite make top notch nor have made their way to the trash…yet”

The photo below was taken almost three months ago, it’s not a cool shot but I’m keeping it. The young girl was just stepping into the water and was amazed by the waves moving toward her. I could almost feel her excitement.

The next one didn’t make to way to the trash. It’s just so much fun to see a bunch of surfers swimming toward the waves in the photo.

The past couple of weeks, I have done some major cleaning-up task on my PC, as a result it did free up some my hard drive space. Actually, the hard drive space of this PC was not even half way full yet, but loaded with thousands photos that needed to be trashed. However, my portable external hard drive was 70% full. I also took time to trash tones of photos in my memory cards. There were times I went through a debating process, to delete or not to delete… It had been a drudgery work. On the other hand, I had a chance to view my archived photos. 🙂

Whenever I’m back from a trip, I always wonder why didn’t I take more photos of this or that place?  Now I wonder why I took these many photos in just one small trip.

Do you have a mechanism for saving/deleting your photos, do you keep the photos on your memory cards or use portable external hard drive?

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