Will you be my friend?

I went to visit my horse friends at the ranch last weekend, unexpectedly, I saw three new comers there.

The donkey in the middle slowly moved toward the pony on the right side.

A minute later, they got close to each other.

They got even closer as if they were hugging each other.

Little donkeys were enjoying each other’s company very much.

Hope these photos make you smile. πŸ™‚

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47 thoughts on “Will you be my friend?

  1. It is nice to see bonding amongst not alike animals and the pony with donkey is a pretty heartwarming picture. I have seen photos of dogs and cats as friends too…amazing as these are arch rivals by nature☺

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  2. Wonderful animals and photos. There is an association in Spain to preserve the donkeys. These animals used to work in the fields many years ago. Nowadays nobody uses them for anything, that way, they were in bad conditions.

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  3. Only smile?Loved the beautiful new-comers,you very well know my weakness for those gentle creatures!Brilliant your field scenes showing them peacefully pasturing πŸ™‚ Happy week ahead,my dearest,loveliest friend Amy ❀

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