Monochrome Madness 4-15

Standing way up there, the bird gets a clear view. She looked around for a moment and decides where she wants to go. She then stretches out her wings, and ready to take off.

On this beautiful summer day, white sails look quite attractive and the water is calm. Yachts here are ready to sail out on the open sea.

The first photo was for Leanne’s Mono Madness “wildness” theme of July. The second one for the “seasons” theme of August.

It always a treat to see creative monochrome photos via the Leanne’s weekly MM, click here.

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35 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 4-15

    • Thank you, CM! I have the same problem. I didn’t have to convert the first one, the bird was BnW and the sky was very gray that day. I didn’t really want to convert the second one to BnW, because the sky and water were so blue, but I did… 🙂


  1. I commented when I was in DC with my iPhone app, but I didn’t see my comment here. I am not good with using iPhone WordPress app 😉
    I love the first photo. It has a lot of breathing space. It looks like a Chinese brush painting. And I like how the bird was ready to fly. Great shot, Amy.


  2. Masterful photography in b/w,I so much like the second one,dearest Amy!
    Btw,I have twice received an email saying you followed me.Obviously,because I was away and your follow option was deleted …Anyway,I always receive emails when you post,and I am so happy about it 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ xxx

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