Oh Deer…

The little Bambi showed up again on the trail. This time, mom deer stayed on the right side of Bambi.

When I looked on the left, papa deer was standing there. His body language was like, “If you get closer to my baby, you have to deal with me first.”

A little while later, when mom deer walked toward the woods, Bambi ran to her. But, papa was still there watching me.

I took another photo before they disappeared in the woods. Bambi was turning back as if he was saying, “bye” to me. πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday!


52 thoughts on “Oh Deer…

  1. excellent photos – good you had your camera at the ready – I rarely see a papa deer, a couple of weeks back my daughter and I saw a momma deer nursing her two offspring and by the time we had our camera ready for a photo, the three were back in the woods


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