XDrive Photo Lesson – Breathing Space

This week’s lesson is focusing on “breathing space”, “When you search for composition ideas online, hundreds of feeds such as rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines etc come up… when you go to shooting mode, you forget which rule to apply and finally end up picture putting the subject in the center.” That’s me. Whenever I see a spot or sight that I really want to capture, I forget all the rules I have read.

Raj places several photos and explains how to position a subject and why. I can remember the rules better when I know why. He also gives us an opportunity to submit a couple of photos for him to review. In return, he will provide suggestion/feedback for improvement.

Photo #1: 1/80 sec, f 11, ISO 100:

#2: 1/800 sec (due to the breeze), f 5.6, ISO 160:

Let me place just one more photo. I need to know about the breathing space when I’m right behind the subject.

#3: 1/50 sec, f 7/1, ISO 1000 (auto ISO was on):

Learning inspires us to seeing things differently. On the other hand, when we see things differently, we want to learn more.

Submitting to XDrive Photo Lesson 4: Breathing Space. Raj offers a photo lesson on either on Wednesday or Thursday (U.S. time). It will be inspiring and fun to learn and share as a community. Wanna join us? 🙂

Last week’s lesson was exposure. Click here to read the critics I got. Thank you, Raj!


Thank you for your critics, Raj. Below is “After” for the second photo. I cropped the white spot in the background as much as I could, then erased a couple of the white spots left in the background through the Photoshop. Is that more or less like portrait as you expected?

This time, I intentionally placed bad images here for your to review. I hope to hear your critics, so I’ll be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes I made.

For the third one, I had a hard to process the sky.

42 thoughts on “XDrive Photo Lesson – Breathing Space

  1. Good morning Amy!
    How well I know what you say! I also way too often place my (main) motif slap-dash in the middle of the picture. Sometimes I (can) correct it later by cropping the picture, but sometimes that doesn’t work. I really need to remember that rule when I take the picture, not later, when I look at it.
    Have a great day,

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  2. Thanks Amy for your contribution once again. I was waiting for your contribution. Here is my critical review.

    Picture 1: I have confusion on this picture as to what was your intention while you shot this. If it’s a sea and the rocky coast its done well, but the man fishing is a distraction. On the other hand if you are planning to show man fishing as your subject. He is too close to the edge. Also he is too small to the whole frame. You have to zoom more so that he is bigger 2 to 3 times. You want to position him at rule of thirds. Also the sky is pretty ordinary so again you use rule of thirds and show only 1/3 of the top part to show the sky.

    Picture 2: Lovely white flower charming with full glory. Good settings chosen with wider aperture separating the subject from the background. But I strongly feel that this picture needed a portrait orientation. Because there is lot of empty space in the picture on either side of flower and is not contributing to the main story. Flower and the stem are the main story in this picture. Actually the blurred white flowers are the distractions. With portrait mode you could even go closer to the flower and could even place the flower in the center. (If possible try posting the portrait version)

    Picture 3: Is the best among the set for me. Positioning looks good to me. Space you provided to the left makes sense as the animal slightly moving to the left. The foliage on the right and top are contributing to it. Only thing it’s missing is blue sky and the contrast. I see the clouds; you could have recovered some sky with post processing.
    Hope my comment makes sense, This comment is based on the learning session on XDrive.


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    • Thank you so much, Raj! I read it carefully and went back a couple more times. This is why I so appreciate your critics, you are specific and tell why is not good, and how to.
      In fact, I don’t like the first, but want to hear your feedback. The second one has some unwanted distractions in the background, this is the original photo (no editing). You’re right, the 3rd one need blue sky! 🙂
      It must be midnight when you did it. Thank you for spending time with me. 🙂

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