Unusual (Surfing)

Riding a surfboard across the face of a breaking wave is an unusual sport. Do you know, the talented and photogenic few are paid to surf by a multibillion dollar surfing industry. For the rest, it is an obsessive hobby.

This surfer keeps a cool balance, the other is going under the wave:

It looks like a smooth ride…

Well executed!

Watch me, I can walk on water, a piece of cake!

Walk on water is all good, try this!

No matter what you guys do, keeping the balance on the breaking wave is my main focus.

Practice, practice, practice!

After shooting a bunch of surfing photo, I was exhausted, but these surfers kept going… Well, Dale Webster setting the official Guinness Book of World Records record for the “most consecutive days spent surfing for 14,641 days, making it his main life focus.

Happy Weekend 🙂

WPC: Unusual

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