Thursday Travel: The Getty Museum (Part 2)

As I mentioned in part 1, one of the uniqueness of the architecture of the Getty Museum is sight lines between interior and exterior spaces allowing visitors to move in and out of the 5 gallery pavilions. In this part 2, you’ll see how visitors can enjoy the landscape while walking between and around the pavilions.

Trees, bushes, and grass are well planted there, they are nicely blended with the stone buildings.

These green paths lead visitors to the next building and further. You can take time to appreciate the landscape before entering the next exhibit.

The fountain here is not serving just for decoration purpose, it creates a beautiful area for visitors to relax:

The outdoor eating area is a little away from the gallery, here visitors can take a lunch break and enjoy the view of Los Angeles:

Two other places visitors can walk up to for a grand view of LA:

Part I is about the architecture of the gallery pavilions

Happy Thursday!

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