XDrive Photo Lesson 2

Raj says, “…we should always ask one important question to ourselves before we click that shutter… ‘Why should I click this picture?’ ” For Photo Lesson 2, he suggests, “Before you click always imagine a finished photograph what you are going to create. Think about it, ask a question, is this going to be an unique photo I am going to be taking?” He also provides numbers of photos explaining how and why. 

Here are the two photos for the Photo Lesson 2 project.

#1: I have visited this park many times. I can remember every spot in this 8+ mile trail. That day, I saw this spot under soft morning light, where trees/grass were refreshing after light rain, and I thought I was in a place that I had never seen before. To me, the photographing experience was delightful.

#2: I like to visit the ranch to take photos of horses. This photo is different from other horse photos I have taken due to the angle. It was wonderful to get a close capture of his/her gentle content look.

The first one was taken with iPhone and processed with filters. The second one was with Canon 7D II, made basic edit through Lr.

The idea of Xdrive Photo Lesson is something I have hoped for — a place where we can get feedback and learn together as a community. So, I was thrilled when I saw Photo lessons 1 and 2 showing on my Reader.

Raj also reminds us, “Although these lessons are geared towards newbies, expert photographers also welcomed hearty. I need to learn too! There are no teachers here everyone is learning.” Click to find out more …

Thank you so much, Raj! Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

36 thoughts on “XDrive Photo Lesson 2

  1. Great contribution Amy, thank you for participating. Here are my thoughts..
    Pic 1: Beautiful dreamy foliage. You have created a 3D effect in the picture, probably the filters added he drama. iphone definitely contributed to the over all sharpness. However bottom foliage produces kind of distraction. Probably could be cropped off till the top of your the watermark.Having a foreground and the background creates a depth to the picture. Nice done here. But this scene needed empty space in the middle so that viewer could see farther down till the background trees.. Hope you got my point. The immediate caption comes to my mind is “Dream”
    Pic 2: Nice capture of a lovely horse, enjoying the meal but watching the surrounding carefully!! But here I would have taken a different a portrait mode than the landscape. Why? because you have chosen the portrait mode now horses neck is cutoff, generally its very much undesirable type of view. This is true for any living things. Try to avoid cutting off neck, hands and legs. These all are cropping principles. I would shoot this in portrait so that I can show till the top of the neck (chopping the top side of the neck is acceptable). And also I would shoot from little bit lower angle. Generally one should choose eye level of a subject, that that viewer directly looks at the eye and that very comfortable view because that is the natural way we communicate.
    Hope above feed back is acceptability Amy… Please remember both are good captures, as a part of my lesson I am just suggesting how we can improve… Improvement has not limits..

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    • Thank you so much, Dear Raj! Now, I can see the the distraction that creates a busy rather than a calm scenery I actually saw. I wasn’t sure the horse photos was a good one, thought it was a different angle. So glad you point out about avoiding the neck and the eye level for a portrait image.
      I agree wholeheartedly improvement has no limit. I can’t thank you enough for your critic. I know how time consuming this project is, appreciate your offering a series of lesson to your followers and blog friends. Looking forward for more. 🙂
      Have a great weekend.

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      • Thanks Amy for you kind appreciation and the encouraging thoughts… see actually I also get benefited by this … as this exercise gives me to think from other’s angle and relate to my own thinking… basically it will improve the understanding of photography on both sides..its a win win opportunity.. You have a wonderful weekend too.. cheers!


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  3. I agree with Raj’s comments. When I saw the first photo I only saw the top part and scrolling down got the whole photo. The grass at the bottom does distract. I like the horse angle but must agree a bit more neck would make the horse “complete”. Never-the-less I like both photos:) I love having someone seeing my photos from their point of view and commenting. I quite often see the photo before I take it

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