Mobile Photo Challenge: B&W (Woods and Deer)

The photo above was processed through Lightroom, then converted into B&W via the Silver Efex. The one below through Snapseed.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge : Black and White. This week Sally is posting photomontage photos in B&W.

Sally explains, “In the Lens section are two images that have been converted to monochrome. Last week I posted the original photomontage, and these images are based on it. What the two images show are the power of a shift in perspective or position. With just a small movement within the moisture on the window, the result is a lift in mood.”

10 Quick iPhone Photography Tips from Digital Photography School:

1. Hold the phone like you would a camera

2. Zoom in with your feet

3. Shoot the same thing a few times

4. Light

9. Process!

10. Clutter: … Don’t have too much going on in your photo (Obviously, these two photos are not a cool examples. 🙂

Click for more tips

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38 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: B&W (Woods and Deer)

  1. Amy, these images show that much can be gained by the conversion to monochrome. The first being exuberant with its soft light, and the second has a serenity given by the mood of the deer’s expression and stance. (Can a deer have an expression?) Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. Good morning, Amy!
    As to the photography tips: when I’m trying to take good shots with my regular camera, I hate those people with smartphone cameras that “zoom in with their feet”. They always get into my way with utter disregard for my photos.
    Sorry about being that outspoken, but that’s how I feel.
    As to your pictures here: great conversiosn to B&W.
    Have a wonderful day,

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    • Good morning, Pit!
      I feel exactly the same. I use my regular camera more often than iPhone, try to avoid “zoom in with feet”.
      So glad you like these two photos. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have come to use my smartphone camera quite frequently, simply because I have it always with me. But I always try to be circumspect and not walk into other people’s photos.
        It remains to be seen how often I will take the new camera with me, though. I suppose that will mostly be when I’m out on a “real photo shoot”.

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  4. Those are both lovely, Amy. The first is quite ethereal. As for getting in other people’s photos, I’ve noticed plenty people, photographers or not, phone cameras or not, getting in the way of others’ shots as well as being thoughtful. 🙂



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