Mobile Photo Challenge: B&W (Woods and Deer)

The photo above was processed through Lightroom, then converted into B&W via the Silver Efex. The one below through Snapseed.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge : Black and White. This week Sally is posting photomontage photos in B&W.

Sally explains, “In the Lens section are two images that have been converted to monochrome. Last week I posted the original photomontage, and these images are based on it. What the two images show are the power of a shift in perspective or position. With just a small movement within the moisture on the window, the result is a lift in mood.”

10 Quick iPhone Photography Tips from Digital Photography School:

1. Hold the phone like you would a camera

2. Zoom in with your feet

3. Shoot the same thing a few times

4. Light

9. Process!

10. Clutter: … Don’t have too much going on in your photo (Obviously, these two photos are not a cool examples. 🙂

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