Capturing The Moment (Egret)

For this week’s theme, Reminds us, “Sometimes, what matters more is the style and composition of the shot you’re trying to create. Whether you prefer a vintage look with grain and softer edges, or an image with razor-sharp focus, it all depends on the moment you hope to capture.”

When I saw the Egret standing on top of the tree, I wanted to capture it in photo. But, the sunlight was right above and behind the Egret. As I was clicking, another Egret flew by (that was a nice bonus), I was able to captured gracefulness of these two Egrets. Though they were not in focus, this was the moment I hoped to capture. 🙂

WPC: Focus


61 thoughts on “Capturing The Moment (Egret)

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    What a fantastic picture! That show that even under problematic circumstances you can still get something great.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


    • Good morning, Pit. So glad you like it. For a minute, I thought I shouldn’t even bother to click. 🙂 It looks better in BnW.
      You, too, have an enjoyable weekend. ~ Amy

      Liked by 1 person

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