See the world differently (Trail)

“When I’m carrying my camera, I see the world differently.”, a photographer explains his photography adventure. I know when I carry my camera, I notice the things that I don’t normally do.

Another photographer says, “Once you learn to read them (referring to river, mountains, rocks, and trees…), you’ll see them all around you.” Β It’s inspiring to read nature and always a joy to capture its beauty.

Photos were taken on trails with iPhone 6+. Β For Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is Nature.

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59 thoughts on “See the world differently (Trail)

  1. Good morning, Amy!
    I really need to open my eyes more when I go around with a camera. My wife is much better at that. But I hope I’ll learn and do better soon, especially as I’m going to get a new camera on Wednesday.
    Have a wonderful week,


    • Good Monday morning, Pit!
      I always enjoy your photos, I don’t know what more to lean. Hope you enjoy your new toy. πŸ™‚ It took me two years to get familiar with all the buttons of my canon.


  2. Amy, it’s human nature to suddenly see what has always been in front of us. The TED Talk that I mention in today’s post speaks to how we need to notice nature, which surrounds us, as one of those unnoticed subjects. Enjoyed each of your captures, especially as they evoke serenity and tranquility, which we very much need now. Happy Photo Challenge.


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  4. I had the same experience riding through the streets of San Francisco just yesterday, There was so much to see and no where to stop I just keep shooting out the car windows anyway.
    And what a beautiful walk ending with the deer sighting. Lovely grasses.Thanks for sharing.


  5. Over the Memorial Day weekend, my grandson, brother and I saw a mother does with her “twin” fawns. We saw the first one she was licking and when we came back around on a hike, Amy, we saw the second one! I got a couple photos but not sure as great as these. Hugs, Robin


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