Beauty Without Vanity

When I arrived at the ranch, I saw these two young horses from a distance.

They quickly noticed that I was there clicking. Brown Jr. started walking toward me and his mate followed him. If you look the right corner (photo below), you can see Mr. H was watching.

Then Jr. got closer and closer to me, “OMG, you are so handsome!” I said to Brown Jr.

When he was standing next to me, I thought I need to switch to another lens.

While I was changing lens, Mr. H walked up quietly. What a pleasant surprise!

But, Jr. was in his way, so he gentle pushed Jr. away, Jr. was unwilling to leave. Mr. H kept pushing with his nose. Jr. made some noises as he was stepping to the side.

Slowly, Mr. H gotΒ real close to me, and I thought he was going to push me away, instead he looked at me gently, then started making funny faces. Nice gesture, I thought. πŸ™‚

He didn’t mind when I was taking photos of him. I tried hard to hold my Canon with one hand and patting him with another hand.

He even let me take a few closeup photos of him. By the way, all these photos were not cropped.

A while later, I thought I should pack up my stuff. But, Mr. H insisted on taking a walk, so I walked with him.

When I was walkingΒ toward my car, he was disappointed.

I took the another photo of Mr. H before I took off. My friend look kinda of sad…

Mary (Tale From The Back Road) is passionate about wild horses. She has been taking stunning images. You don’t want to miss.

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