A Photo a Week: Golden Hour (Grand Canyon)

Nancy’s challenge theme reminds me the beautiful golden hour in GC and makes me want to share one of my photos and the story that I posted back in 2015 with you if you haven’t seen it. The trip to Grand Canyon was in June, 2015, almost two years ago.

The story was about Bill, The Photographer. It was at around 6 pm, hubby and I were taking a walk along the Grand Canyon rim. There, I saw a photographer who was setting up his tripod and camera. I walked up to him asking what is the best camera setting for capturing GC sunset. While getting ready, Bill took time to explain to me camera settings, the effects of sun lights and its movements, the canyon shadows, which angle to take, and where to focus. It was a memorable photo experience I have had.

Nancy is back from her fabulous trip. Click here to view the beautiful golden hour entries.

Have a great week!

41 thoughts on “A Photo a Week: Golden Hour (Grand Canyon)

  1. And that’s exactly why it’s called “Colorado” and why the earliest explorers came up with the legend of “El Dorado”. Fantastic capture, Amy.


    • Thank you for liking it the second time, Emilio. 🙂 Bill taught me a lot, I was so lucky. Except hubby is always hungry during golden hour. 🙂 🙂


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